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Monthly Archives: July 2008

according to the BBC, this dog in purnea, india has been “accused of breaching the peace.”

the criminal and his evil henchwomen plotting their crimes

so as with anyone else accused with breaching the peace, it was summoned to court.

the court actually issued a summons.

which is actually quite civilised.

and while you may be laughing in disbelief, the best bit of the story is yet to come:

“The dog, named Chhotu, has been in trouble with the law before. In 2003, a magistrate sentenced Chhotu to death.”

so the dog is an ex-con.


so the next time you decide to get yourself a pet, you better check their records,…

they could be ex-cons like Chhotu, or worse, they could have lied about a previous marriage::

the dowry must have been kinda piss poor

again from the BBC: Man Marries Dog


and yes, i do think the BBC’s reporting has gone a bit down hill recently.


but then, so has mine apparently.

such wonderful penmanship

such wonderful penmanship

i am not a blogger.

nor am i a writer, a beatmaker or an oral diseminator.

i am not a businessman.

nor am i a trader, an investor or a speculator.


those are just things i happen to do from time to time.

the black msi wind on the right.

then i can annoy my neighbor on the plane by looking like this for 7 hours:

while crafting my beats.

which i wouldnt be able to do on the asus.

irony is :

securities that perform well, in one of the most heavily secured securities markets in the world, which just happens to be in one of the most dangerous and unsecured cities in the world.

translation: one of the best places to invest your money right now is also one of the most dangerous.

ladies and gentlemen i give you the iraqi stock exchange:

addendum to universal truth no 15:


is being in it while everyone else is bleeding on every other market in the world.


universal truth no 15 – the alternate ending:

supreme genius and supreme stupidity both rely on the same process of thinking outside the universe that holds the galaxy, that holds the solar system, that holds the earth, that holds the continent, that holds the country, that holds the city, that holds the block, that holds the building, that holds the room that holds the box which you are thinking outside of.

exactly which i am guilty of has yet to be determined.

prep work:

1- weigh superduper desktop cos i think it might be a tad over 10kg. yes i do have a laptop, but it just cant compare to my ultra quiet quadcore.

it just means i’ll pack less clothes,…

so if you happen to see a guy walking down the street in boxers,… do wave and say hello 😀


2- for when i get to customs and immigration,…. figure out how to say in japanese:

” yes i’ve been away for a long time”

“no kuwait isnt near afghanistan and i dont know any mujahideen” ( a little kinda lie, but that was ages ago and he was rather pleasant)

“yes i did go to iraq, several times, for humanitarian aide and business,… no, its not as bad as you see on tv, yes it is sad, yes america is evil”

there is always one person who brings up that last bit, and its just easier to agree sometimes, especially if youre talking to someone who has the authority to stick his fist up your bum.

and if things go wrong,…. following on from that,…

” i would greatly appreciate it if you would use more vaseline, that way you will feel better about yourself when you realise that i wasnt lieing about not smuggling drugs, explosives, or a specimen of an endagered species in my ass”




can you sue customs for wrongfull,… umm,… “explorations”?