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this is what happens when you have muffin mix,…

but no muffin tray:

thats a teaspoon, you know for size reference.

super muffin!

coming soon to a store near you,… for occasions when you have to bring a gift, but you dont like the person enough to get them cake.

patent pending.




  1. You must never be bored when you’re around. That is so funny!! How high did it get in that ~ what is it, an aluminum pie pan? Too funny ~ I would be happy to send you a muffin tin if you like.

    That would take the fun out of the patent, of course…

  2. Lool! great idea.

  3. You baked that?

    You bake?


  4. suexi: yeah it was a pie pan. it didnt get as high as a muffin gets but it did dome abit,.. looked like a superdome sports arena type thing. and yeah its much more fun using odd containers 😛

    skinny: thank you 😀

    ri: yup, yup, and actually wasnt much baking really, just mixed a premix thing, stuck it in a pan and then in an oven,… so not really baking 😛

  5. thats a big muffin for people with big heads 😛

  6. ahh touche!

  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuffin

    Great. Now I’m hungry.

  8. go make yourself a big ass muffin then 😛

  9. I can’t. We don’t have proper ovens out here.

  10. ahh right i had heard about that.

    can you microwave a muffin?

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