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as of the middle of august, this blog shall be broadcast ( in as far as text can be broadcast ) from a new far away land.

an odd series of parallel events have resulted in my being deployed to another one of the four corners of the earth,…. to do fierce battle with the evil purveyors of this:

evil yuck

the fight shall be fierce,…

cos that shit’s just gross.

junkies of the above substance rejoice,…. you shall be liberated!



  1. Great fish. Great vegetables. Great salads. Interesting history, fascinating place to travel . . . you’re going to have a great time, Skunk.

  2. i know i will, i cant wait πŸ˜€

  3. Skunk! I cant wait for my vacation! Aug 10th…. looks sooo far away, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel LOL…. ok so I reread what I typed.. I sound pathetic hehehe

  4. I don’t know what that is on the chopsticks, but it looks gross on my computer screen. On the other hand, it could simply be beans in cheese-gone-wrong. (Please tell me they’re not really bugs or snails or some such…)

    Whatever it is, you sound like you’re looking forward to your move and I will look forward to more stories & opinions of the news from your new home.

    But how does one prepare to do battle with… that? (Good luck dude)

  5. ansam: lol its only a month away, where are you headed?

    suexi: its some sort of natto, which i’m sure you’ve come across. a particularly yucky looking type.

    and yeah no idea how to prep for a fight with that thing, i’m sure i’ll think of something πŸ˜›

  6. Spain and/or Switzerland

  7. niiiiice.

  8. Eueww, even the name gives me goosebumps. Natto….. yada! See? I blocked it out of my memory. Does that mean you’re headed to Japan??? That would be very cool and I would be very jealous, but… I will live.

  9. Natto ftw. so are you actually coming out here then? when? also, w00t!

  10. suexi: yup i am headed out there…. and yeah i know, i had blocked natto out of my brain too. even tho its been 10 years since that gunk last got into my mouth i can still recall the texture.

    kynapple: oh dear, you’re a nattoist, so we shall battle!

    mid august, and w00t indeed!

  11. Actually, I’m not the biggest fan, but I’ll eat it if offered it. Right, mid-August…..That’s poorly timed, how long are you here for? I may end up missing you completely. I’m going home on the 4th and will be back by the 17th or 18th definitely. I shall stalk you. Mwahahahaha!

  12. Ignore that. I now realise you are not going there on holiday.

  13. yeah i’m gonna be there for a while, altho exactly how long a while might be is kind of up in the air.

    still long enough to make myself stalkable πŸ˜›

    but yeah i should be landing mid to end of august, september at the latest depending on tickets and other random shit.

  14. Awesome. STALK!

  15. w00t!

    unless you turn out to be well psycho 😐

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