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arab democracy fails because,…

you fail.

more specifically,…

you fail to realise that each vote carries with it a responsibility to use that vote wisely,… for tomorrow! not for today, not for this afternoon, and certainly not for tonight when youre pretty sure you wont leave a tip for the waitress cos you need to save money for gas.

you also fail because you do this:

“we want to progress, and move ahead,…. and i know how best to do it” x 50 x X (being the number of their advisors) x Y (being the number of their “very smart” cousin advisors) x Z (the amount of cash that they could make).

you also fail because of this:

“we are a democracy! so why are we behind?”

democracy is an abstract concept.

it is not “the holy grail”, for want of a better phrase.

“it” alone will not solve your social / moral / financial / who has a bigger-cooler-shiny-new-penis syndrome problems.

that is up to you,…

and by “you” i mean the people that you choose to represent you.

if those people fail you cos you got sucked into their lies,…..

then you fail.

you also fail cos you dont vote,… and then bitch about those that you didnt vote for in the security that you didnt vote for them, so its not your fault.

technically atleast.


in a perfect world, there will be a perfect candidate with a perfect plan to perfect everything,… perfectly.

and we would all vote for him, for he is after all perfect.

but this is far from a perfect world.

and the sad fact of it is,… no matter how saintly a candidate might be, your decision will always be between the lesser of two evils.

because in a perfect world,… politicians would be confined to the sewers to clean up all the bullshit that their kind have ever spewed forth.

ultimately, arab democracy fails because you dont hold yourself responsible for your own actions. and you are eternally dependant on someone “brighter / richer / stronger / faster” to solve your troubles.

and therein lies the principal reason for why conflicts in this region, either tiny and local or larger and interfaith, will never get resolved if left to the people here.

you want everyone and their grandmothers to help you out, before you even try to help yourself, before you even ask yourself ” hmm, perhaps theres something we’re doing wrong?”.

so you wind up with 50 different opinions from 50 different “expert chefs” and 50 different “recipes” to the same problem that is “you”.

and as we all know,…

too many dishwashers masquerading as chefs spoil the broth.


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