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such wonderful penmanship

such wonderful penmanship



  1. what does the blue mean and what does the black mean ?

    Is it like the american express cards (blue for the vulgar masses and black for those of us who rent out private planes 6 days a week)

  2. Interesting observation KTDP!
    Its a work of art that you have to look deeper into to understand it

  3. lol,… no there is a much much deeper meaning.

  4. The up & down buttons concern me. Doesn’t the elevator know which floor it’s currently on, and which direction to go based on the floor button that’s pushed….? And the obviously many hits on “close door” ~ what might that imply? Does the elevator start moving in some random, confused fashion, (“Crap! Do I go up, or down?”), with the door still open, and people inside start madly pushing “close door” CLOSE DOOR DAMN IT!!

  5. lol no more coffee for you!

    very interesting tho, the condition of the close door button speaks volumes about the society here 😛

  6. Oh God! They could have at least used the same pen.

  7. ahh but if they were too cheap to get it fixed proper then i’m sure management are too cheap to keep a stock of the same coloured pens.

  8. “So are they generally an impatient lot, then?” Suexi typed as her freshly-brewed coffee wafted around the room.

  9. yup, the “press it more times and it will come quicker” mentalilty still exists here 😛

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