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according to the BBC, this dog in purnea, india has been “accused of breaching the peace.”

the criminal and his evil henchwomen plotting their crimes

so as with anyone else accused with breaching the peace, it was summoned to court.

the court actually issued a summons.

which is actually quite civilised.

and while you may be laughing in disbelief, the best bit of the story is yet to come:

“The dog, named Chhotu, has been in trouble with the law before. In 2003, a magistrate sentenced Chhotu to death.”

so the dog is an ex-con.


so the next time you decide to get yourself a pet, you better check their records,…

they could be ex-cons like Chhotu, or worse, they could have lied about a previous marriage::

the dowry must have been kinda piss poor

again from the BBC: Man Marries Dog


and yes, i do think the BBC’s reporting has gone a bit down hill recently.


but then, so has mine apparently.



  1. wow! he married a dog to ward off a curse… wow!

    wth is he thinking! instead of going to a doctor, he marries a dog! Is he expected to fullfil his duties as a husband and have sex with the dog? And, is marrying a male dog considered gay?


    poor dog ;/

  2. LOL @ cixousianpanic hehehehe

    and whats up with animals these days! A wolf “illegally” traveled on board from New York port I think on the long trip to France… the minuted they were in Algiers they found him for more than 50 days with no food! Algerian authorities took him to their zoo!

    So now animals are illegal immigrants too and this poor wolf is now in a public jail AKA zoo! LOL

  3. cp: lol, ummm dunno, you could email them and ask, i mean if the dog can get married then surely it also has email.

    since many people treat their dogs better than their spouses i dont think this will actually ward off any curse 😛

    ansam: lol i hadnt heard that story. poor wolf, but atleast he now gets 3 meals a day without having to rummage thru all the crap and needles in the new york trash.

  4. Hey, Snoopy had a typewriter. Texting on an iPhone might be harder, tho. Man, the stories that make the news these days…. speaking of news, when’s your move, Skunk? All packed and sitting by the door, suitcase in tow?

  5. delays, delays, delays,… so looks like it’ll be another month or so before i head out. too many little last minute things to do here.

    the upside is that it gives me time to sort out exactly what i’ll be doing there.

    but yeah mentally, i’m already fast asleep in an airplane after some dodgey airplane food.

  6. Yeah, and depending on the airline, I hear you may have to pay for the privilege of that dodgey food. But don’t forget, you plan to be that crazy cat with the headphones & your groovy new computer! I wanna hear THAT story after it’s done. Heh heh….

  7. lol, well after i fly, google annoying passenger and you might find the blog of the guy that was sitting next to me 😛

  8. LOL! Will do!

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