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its good to see the religious police cracking down on pet shop owners selling “marital” and “dating” aides disguised as cats and dogs. for too long, young men and women have been getting it on while their pets are busy sniffing each others asses!

the streets will be “clean” once again,…. no more “immoral behaviour” like people walking their dogs, and definately alot less doggy poo.

once again, bravo religious police!


for all your efforts, my dear religious police,…

there is one segment of the public that continues to elude you. i am sure you are working on them and i’m sure you have agents “undercover” as i write this, but just in case you dont allow me to enlighten you:

they are cunning, they are clever, they are tenacious and relentless.

they congregate under your very noses.

they are both an integral part of your society and the sole cause of your boys and girls hooking up, as the kids call it these days.

they work by word of mouth, sometimes employing “agents” who spread their message, while the more tech savy work by mobile phone text messages, and online forums. they know no borders, and freely operate between countries without the slightest bit of scrutiny.

and like al-qaeda, there is no boss, only a network of loosely organised groups in each city, in each neighborhood and on every street. some are very sought after and demand very high prices for their expertise.

and they will never rest until their job is done.

no, they will never rest until every last boy and girl is ultimately engaged in the act of sexual procreation.

they are relentless in their pursuit of the opposite sex for their “client”, and they are constantly out looking for suitable partners at weddings, family gatherings, supermarkets, highways, airports, etc.

they are more numerous than numerously  numerous things,…

they have pressure applying techniques that are thousands of years old, and they use them liberally.

they are so cunning that one word or one look can cause you to engage a therapist for years on end.

thats right religious police, i know you know who i’m talking about, and i am sure you yourselves have your own horror stories to tell.

if you dont do something about them then every boy and girl you know will at some point be engaged in sexual acts.


the next one could be you.


thats right it could be you.


i’m afraid there is no easy way to say this, so i’ll just come out and say it :

MOTHERS must be banned!

ps: please hurry before my mother reads this.



  1. Did you see/read my latest post? Cats and Dogs are banned in Saudi as pets!

    tsk tsk tsk

  2. yeah i did, its where i got the idea for this post 😛

  3. lol really?

  4. OMG!!! This is priceless ~ Suexi*must*share


  6. ansam: yup i even linked to your post.

    suexi: feel free to share 😀

    xpatr: 😀

  7. Oh touche!

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