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from today’s arabtimes,… in like a lil tiny corner:

DUBAI  (AFP) – A Saudi judge who served as head of an Islamic court has been arrested in the Gulf emirate of Dubai on charges of possessing and using drugs, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Hamad Salim bin Naif, who served as head of a sharia (Islamic law) court in Saudi Arabia, was arrested along with his Moroccan wife after police raided their room in a Dubai hotel on Friday and found four grams of hashish in his possession, the Khaleej Times said.

The suspect confessed that he and his wife take drugs and said he brought the confiscated hashish from Saudi Arabia for their personal use, the English-language newspaper reported, citing a Dubai police source.

Sharia courts in Saudi Arabia impose tough penalties for drug-related charges, and drug trafficking is punishable by death in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a member, also imposes severe penalties for all drug-related offences. Four years in prison is the usual sentence for possession while trafficking carries the death penalty.

The bustling city state of Dubai is a prime leisure destination for residents of more conservative parts of the oil-rich Gulf region.


a) how do you let yourself get caught in that kind of situation if youre a judge, and a one time sharia judge as well,…

b) you’re going to DUBAI, land of hookers, gammbling, AND drugs of any kind,… i hardly think you need to bring your own pot,…. unless of course its cos you’ve heard of the inflation horror stories and assumed that it applied to black market narcotics as well.

i wonder if he also brought his own chinese hookers from saudi and a homemade roulette wheel.

and c) i’ve never been in dubai and stoned, but knowing dubai’s summer time weather, you would have to be stoned to even think of getting stoned in a humid dubai summer.

oy vey,….



  1. ….. and that’s one more reason why I can’t visit Saudi …..

  2. gawyaaaaaaaa

  3. hypocrite

  4. hello old and new commenters.

  5. 4grams of hashish, sounds like a set-up!!!

  6. 4 grams aint that much really if youre planning a party.

    but you never know, you could be right.

  7. Personal use of hash in Saudi Arabia is punished by 2 weeks of “medication” as in rehabitation, but in Dubai the verse is different as a Briton rastaman who was on transit was sentensed 4 years in prison for the posession of .003 of a grams of cannabis! Dont tell me where they found that atom of cannabis, under the bottom of his shoe.

  8. I know from a very good source that the hashish you get in Arabia is very high quality Afghani hashish. I wonder what is going to happen to the good judge? I wonder if he’s ever had any similar cases come under his docket and if he showed mercy on the unfortunate possessor who happened to get caught with it? Have mercy on the cannabis partakers!

  9. lol good point peace, perhaps this is karma kicking his ass.

  10. Dear friends I propose that any plant that gives us an alternative perspective of life is gods gift to man.

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