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1- pass by NBK head office, go upstairs to corporate, wait your turn,….

notice big bowl of free chocolate,…

help yourself to one,..

or 5.

2- pass by stock exchange,…

chat to dude, notice a big bowl of chocolates on the coffee table,…

have a couple,…

or 7.

3- exit the stock exchange, say hello to the teaboy on your way out.

dude insists on getting you some tea and having a chat,…


and some cookies.

4- head to NBK branch to pick up new card with superduper chip in it.

find baskin robbins staff inside said NBK branch handing out free scoops.

have one.

get some stuff done, and wait for the NBK guys to do their stuff,…

branch is kinda empty so the ice cream guy comes around again,…

“its ok i just had one already,”

“nevermind, have another one.”

well,… it would have been rude to refuse.

and all this before lunch at 1230pm.



  1. LLLOOLLLL, Skunk goes rolling around like a big fat ball on his errands!

  2. OffTopicTotally – Are you watching the Olympics? Why on earth are all the diver’s bathing suits so SMALL? And the volleyball players, male and femals, ditto?????

  3. Wow, all that sweet…. so when lunchtime finally rolls around (unlike the image of you as a “big fat ball on your errands” as intixpatr so aptly describes), when 12:30 does come around ~ do you counter with savory to cut the sweet?

    Ugh! Sounds wonderful and horrible at the same time. Tell me, is this something you can count on, total snackfest as you run errands???

  4. xpatr: well if istart rolling i’ll probably get things done faster 😛 and yeah they are skimpy but i guess thats the price you pay for new records 😛

    suexi: lol no it was a one off today that a) i was at all those places and b) they had all that junk there,…. but the free chocolates at the bank and the stock exchange are kind of always within easy reach since most of my errands are in those buildings.

    very very dangerous.

  5. *gasps* you have been using and abusing NBK resources LOL!!!!

  6. lol guilty as charged,… i’ll forfeit the dividends of like 2 shares next year 😛

  7. You are so business oriented 😛 whatever that means!!! *whistles*

  8. lol, its cos it is the only universal constant.

    yeah, its late and i dont know exactly what that is meant to mean 😛

  9. You’d better stock up on that free chocolate (however dangerous. Use tongs if you must) because they ain’t none such in Japan. Free personal packs of tissues, though ~ they’re everywhere! Woo-hoo, never have to buy tissues again (unless you like your face, in which case I recommend buying. Those freebies are like sandpaper and only to be used in dire emergencies!)

  10. bugger, what about hard candies or mints?

    i do like the idea of free tissues tho. you’de expect them to do it here where its so hot and everyone sweats but they dont.

  11. Us Kuwaitis… we love to eat. A lot of junk.

  12. lol cant argue with that.

  13. Nope, no such luck on the hard candies or mints, either. Although once I did see a bowl set out that contained individually wrapped hard candies that looked like colored mint Life Savers but tasted like … I dun’ know, maybe a cross between chalk and green tea?

    At least you’ll be used to the humidity when you get there ~ although based on another blog I read about the humidity in Kuwait, you may think Japan is rather arid. (But I doubt it!) Better to carry an absorbent handkerchief like everyone else in Japan. Or a small towel, like a golf towel or washcloth! I’m not joking!

  14. actually its the opposite,…

    its pretty dry here. the humidity really only hits people who live out on the coast. not like the coast is very far, 5 mins and i’m there, but i’m more westerly and since the winds blow towards the east we get the dry winds off the desert.

    so i’ll get hit by a dust storm first, but humidity last.

    i’m gonna sweat like a pig in japan initially atleast.

  15. Oy.

    When do you leave? Fall is quite pleasant….

  16. yeah i’m looking forward to fall there.

    soon, leaving soon,…. still not soon enough 😛

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