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some people should not be allowed to operate computers, or cars, or anything more complex than a plastic baby spoon.



  1. Lord have mercy on the idiots . . . .

  2. LOL I have met some of those people… even better? dealt with some!

  3. Oh dear God!

    Similarly…. (although nowhere near as bad), I was sitting in the break room at work today when news came on about the plane crash in Madrid. At the next table, one woman asked her table mate, “Madrid? Where’s that?”

  4. xpatr: the upside to being an idiot is that you cant possibly be evil so it will be a straight road to heaven, like puppies and kittens.

    ansam: lol, umm colleagues or clients? 😛

    suexi: lol, well i’ve had this more than once ” kuwait? is that on the east coast or the west coast of the USA?”

  5. i dont deal with lots of clients…. I cant remember if I met any in the past few months!!!! but i am not gonna answer your question

  6. lol thats a very very diplomatic answer!

  7. Gah! What do you answer? 😉

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