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2 hits froma search engine.

i googled it:

apparently its the name of a livejournal account:

which is fair enough.

thing is, the google result and link to my blog doesnt show up,….

i went thru 4 pages of results and i’m not listed as a result.

not that i should be,…. i never wrote anything about, pertaining to, or even remotely connected to zebraporn besides this post.


someone is looking for zebraporn soooo hard that they have used a search engine other than google, or including google and have actually managed to go thru all the result pages till they decided to click on my link.

you strange strange people.

edit: i have tracked down the reason why zebraporn led to my blog…… apparently i coined the phrase in a reply to a comment.

yes i am one of you strange strange people too.



  1. LOL very strange people

  2. By the way… I dont like my display picture… that mad pink octagonal sour face :-S

  3. yeah i turned it on a while ago and forgot how to get rid of it,… but tis sorted now 😛

  4. LOL coooooool
    thanks X-D

  5. ahahaha… you have too much free time on your hands…

  6. you are so very right 😛

  7. LLLOOLLLL, Skunk, you be one of the STRANGEST!

  8. lol no, no, no, i’m normal its the rest of you that are strange 😛

  9. “Hi, I’m Chris. And I’m a Zebraporn addict.”

    … awesomely strange!

  10. lol well welcome chris.

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