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i just watched sarah palin’s speech at the rnc,….

obama is so screwed.

even biden was shaking in his boots when he gave his rebuttal.



  1. She slammed the man!
    I think he still have a chance though!

  2. ooh i dunno, i wouldnt put money on obama after seeing palin.

  3. i’ve seen it too, she was very tough.

    Obama stands no chance of winning, he should’ve chosen Hilary Clinton. the thing about Palin is that a lot of americans can relate to her; she’s a mom who just gave birth to a Dawn syndrome child, she has a son going to Iraq, and she’s “beauty queen”, she said she’s just “a soccer mom” all that would make her popular and more real to american. y’know that americans always go for character and charisma. Plus, she is a woman.

    unfortunately, I think Mccain one this election. I wanted Clinton but a “rock star” ruined it.

  4. i dont know, it is still up in the air cos i would imagine alot of people will come out to vote against her,.. which is normal since obama was more a vote against bush than for obama,….

    i think its either going to be very close,… or a landslide.

  5. Way to cover your bets, skunk… either very close, or a landslide. 😛

    But you’re right ~ depending on what you read, it could go either way. I just hope, for once, it is the popular vote that wins us our next president and not the electoral college. That’s the most outdated wrecking ball we drag around in this country. If such a system were instituted in, say, Afghanistan or Iraq, we’d cry foul.

    (Go Obama!!)

  6. hehe its in my nature to hedge my bets.

    the electoral college really is a system that needs rethinking, but i think they’ll only do it when they have to, like when the populations in non-super delegate states gets to breaking point.

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