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doesn’t it still feel like it was just yesterday….



  1. It still leaves me with an empty, sad feeling . . .

  2. yup it does!

  3. Hot tears spring to my eyes, and it feels like someone punched me in the stomach whenever I remember. The entire day is seared into the back of my eyeballs. I remember every detail, every moment…. Watching the towers dissolve over and over, on TV all evening and into the early hours of the next day until I forced myself to turn it off and try to sleep, or at least just rest ~ that was horrible. But seeing it the first time, that morning, on the live feed…. skunk, there are no words.

  4. yeah i watched the second one live as well as the collapse,… exactly the same here too,… i just kept watching it until i couldnt keep my eyes open anymore, and turn on CNN was the first thing i did when i woke up.

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