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the only noun that can,…

because of itself,…

cause more of itself,….

ooooh how zen…



  1. @@

  2. Are you being very cryptic and telling us your trip to Japan has been delayed again? You must be a very patient man.

  3. lol not too cryptic then 😛

    patiently impatient or should that be the other way around?

  4. Should I picture an emoticon with a red face and not a little steam coming out of the ears, yet the speech is so diplomatic. Have I got it right? 😛

    It’s tough living that way, delays and a lot of life on hold for varying lengths of time. One month this time, a few weeks next time, wait, maybe another month now…. Sucks.

  5. Sometimes a delay can be a protection, or another opportunity?

  6. suexi: yeah spot on there.

    xpatr: true, i’m looking at it as a chance to make sure everything is sorted before i go.

  7. a delay…. in writing a new post perhaps!!???

  8. perhaps, perhaps 😛

  9. hmmmm…
    I know you explained this one before but I still don’t get it!

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