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so which one of you runs a mac,

and firefox,

is in salmiya,

and has had my blog loaded for hours on end?

23 hrs on one occasion.

i know roughly where most of my regulars are, but this one has me stumped.


welcome!,.. if you’re loving my amazingly witty writing,… or just dont have much else to do at work.

enjoy your stay,…

just know that,…

i’m watching you,…

very carefully i am watching you,…

yes you,..

no, not you the one behind you,…





  1. phew! not me… I thought you were talking to me, but then you said no not me, the person behind me… phew!!

  2. hmmm,.. but you could be behind someone so it could still be you when youre not at work….


  3. and you know what? I cant access blogs from work!!! :-S

  4. lol good to know as a shareholder 😛

  5. LOL.. but I am leaving soon!

  6. First I thought it was me, but then you said “Firefox” and that cleared me. Then you said from a place I’ve never heard of, which means I was never there, which means it was never me.

    It was scary there just a nanosecond!

    Yeah, sometimes I see visitors on my site for hours and hours. But sometimes I keep a page up on a site somewhere because I don’t want to “favorite” it, but I also don’t want to lose it. Sometimes I forget I have that page up and…

    I’ve slipped into ultra-ramble mode now. I’ll stop before you think I’m the stalker after all, using potentially clever words to distract you from your mission to find the culprit. Good luck, sir!

  7. LOL!

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