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its not going well.

they’ve voted against it.

in an effort to stay popular with their voters they’ve killed the bill.

watch the world go into a tailspin,…

its not going to be pretty at all.



  1. h

  2. and happy eid to you too đŸ˜›

  3. lol happy eid to you too!

  4. Today the new one passed, stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey full of pork sausage ~ stupid things like a tax break on little kids’ wooden arrows because the tax on those toys cost more than the toys. Whatever the hell that has to do with anything. Pork-stuffed turkey, and now we taxpayers get to pay for it. Wheeee!

    It sucks, and Bush’s “dire warnings” sound identical to those given prior to the Iraq invasion (we now know his reasons were bogus) and here we are swamped in a place we don’t want to be, because boy George thought Daddy didn’t finish the job back in the “1st Gulf War”, as we now call it. (I’ve been anti-Bush since before the days of hanging chad.)

    The deal still sucks, and no one is happy with it except, maybe (and that’s only a maybe) the Captains of Industry who were bailed out. These are dark days, in any case.

    (On a brighter note, I got a job, yea!)

  5. lol yeah i couldnt believe the amount of pork stuffing in it!

    but yeah same warnings as iraq, but this time he is actually right,… doing nothing is not an option, altho it would have made for a very interesting mess.

    congrats on the job!

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