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Monthly Archives: October 2008

they walked out again today, just as i was picking up my coffee.

i managed to preserve their moronitude for ever and ever on youtube.

serves them right for disturbing my morning cupa joe.

ooh and one guy had a bullhorn,…

so he could yell extra loud,…

appreciate the irony:

a guy who made a decision to trade the market,…

loses money,…

decides to sell and realize that loss,…

and now decides that he is the best person to tell the govt what they should or shouldnt be doing, with his track record of decision making.

oy vey


run my lovelies,….

not being leveraged is a wonderful thing.

ummm yeah,…

i’m sure half the people in the markets didnt know they had limit downs, myself included.

a limit down basically means that the futures have traded down to a predetermined limit beyond which no further trades are allowed until the market opens.

its looks like today is going to be another historic mess on wall street.

of all the pointless and unfulfilling jobs one could have in the world,…

this guy’s job of cleaning up dust in a desert must surely be as futile an exercise as being an ice salesman in outer siberia.

but atleast he’s doing it so badly,…

that he shouldnt ever run out of work.

or maybe he is in cahoots with the car cleaner dude,…


according to the 4th Ring Road blog the sheep are demonstrating again at the KSE.

lets get this right, they are demonstrating against themselves panicing, and the government not helping them to not panic.

why should you not pity them?

well, most of them dont trade to put food on their tables. infact quite a few actually collect nice fat pensions, since theyre retired, or they still work, and get a salary, but just arent at work, cos they have wasta and have made “an arrangement” as its called.

myself, i trade to put food on the table, i eat what i kill, but even i would prefer no government intervention,….

but then again i know what i’m doing 😛

dear solidere,

omar sharif is too legendary an actor to be pixelated in your ads running on

he is also too legendary for your ad people to just copy and paste from a screenshot of your tv adverts.

all i’ve done is crop a screen grab.

as you can see the text is nice and crisp, while omar sharif looks like max headroom’s egyptian cousin, so i dont think you can even blame cnn for resizing your ad.

i guess the credit crunch really is affecting everyone 😛