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there is general rule of thumb that us stock market people use when the market is going up:

if your cleaning lady/mendoub/cab driver/ha’ris starts talking to you about the market,… its a sign that the top is near.

when its going down the same can be said:

when your cleaning lady/mendoub/cab driver/ha’ris starts talking to you about the market,…. the end might be in sight.

(the 21st century amendment to the rule of thumb will include bloggers that dont normally blog about financial matters, and conspiracy theory forums that are normally more concerned with aliens who are hiding behind mars planning their invasion.)

except for crashing markets, there is one more thing,…

the capitulation move, or the disgust trades,… but i think that has yet to happen.



  1. I’m not following the situation closely Skunk, because there are so many talking heads, tediously putting forth why their position is the only logical one – as if!

    So I have a question – are the falling stock prices a result of people selling in a panic, or are they a result of light trading, no one buying, but hanging on to see what happens next?

    What are YOU doing, oh mighty guru? 🙂

  2. lol @ guru !

    theres alot of light trading going on at alot of the markets, but here its definitely thin trading.

    and yeah i’m curious to see what happens next, so i’m neither buying or selling,… a luxury that only long term positions can afford right now 😛

    i’m getting very tempted tho,… provided earnings arent hurt too badly, the dividend yields of some firms here are looking very tasty, and this region should pick up before anyone else does.

  3. eh?

  4. eh? eh?

  5. Just out of curiousity, we asked if we could qualify for another mortgage – and we did. That’s pretty cool – knowing we have some options.

  6. nice one xpatr, its gonna be like being a kid in a candy store the next time you go shopping 😛

  7. Last night on the the news, they featured some of the stock exchange worker bees. At one point, Bush was being broadcast on the SE floor, and one of the worker bees turned to the camera and said “Everyone in Washington needs to stop talking. Including the President.”

    A cheer went up for guy having the guts to say that on national TV.

  8. Nice, new, clean look to your blog… 🙂

  9. thank you 😀

    and yeah i watched his speech yesterday with the G8 finance ministers, never before have i heard him talk so much without saying anything,… and that is quite a feat especially for him 😛

  10. Yes…. and it says some very unfortunate things that he hasn’t changed as far as I can tell, because… about half of this nation voted for the man! Twice!!

    For the record, I have not ever cast a vote for him ~ and yeah, I just don’t get it that anyone did, let alone 1/2 the country. This must be one reason I keep leaving it.

    Hey! Are you seeing Japanese roasted sweet potatoes in your near future? “Yakiimo!”

  11. yup very very near future,… i think tomorrow i’ll be booking my ticket :D!

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