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according to the 4th Ring Road blog the sheep are demonstrating again at the KSE.

lets get this right, they are demonstrating against themselves panicing, and the government not helping them to not panic.

why should you not pity them?

well, most of them dont trade to put food on their tables. infact quite a few actually collect nice fat pensions, since theyre retired, or they still work, and get a salary, but just arent at work, cos they have wasta and have made “an arrangement” as its called.

myself, i trade to put food on the table, i eat what i kill, but even i would prefer no government intervention,….

but then again i know what i’m doing 😛



  1. LLOOLL, your tags are totally cracking me up. Wish we all knew what we are doing. It breaks my heart seeing people with their darting, panicked eyes, SELLING!

  2. hehe i think i need to add a couple more special tags soon 😛

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