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of all the pointless and unfulfilling jobs one could have in the world,…

this guy’s job of cleaning up dust in a desert must surely be as futile an exercise as being an ice salesman in outer siberia.

but atleast he’s doing it so badly,…

that he shouldnt ever run out of work.

or maybe he is in cahoots with the car cleaner dude,…




  1. Is the wind blowing, or is he really just that bad at his job? Or, as you say, maybe he’s got an arrangement with the car washers, tissue salespeople, allergists…. Great pictures!

  2. i think there was a slight breeze, its just that the dust is so fine and quite alot cos of the construction here that all he was doing was redistributing. those things actually useful where its not dusty,.. ironically enough 😛

  3. Indeed… that IS ironic! 🙂

  4. 🙂 interesting and especially loved the part about siberian ice cream seller!

  5. cheers onlooker

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