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they walked out again today, just as i was picking up my coffee.

i managed to preserve their moronitude for ever and ever on youtube.

serves them right for disturbing my morning cupa joe.

ooh and one guy had a bullhorn,…

so he could yell extra loud,…

appreciate the irony:

a guy who made a decision to trade the market,…

loses money,…

decides to sell and realize that loss,…

and now decides that he is the best person to tell the govt what they should or shouldnt be doing, with his track record of decision making.

oy vey



  1. Looks like the press had been notified in advance. At least he kept his clothes on! (Love your tags)

  2. yeah someone mentioned an MP was one of the guys talking. and the press was there before it all kicked off.

  3. Last Sunday (or Monday) someone brought a donkey a long with them to the demonstration to witness the current events! I laughed so hard!!

  4. lmao you shoulda videoed it!

  5. I did not actually see it… but saw the pic when I was reading the paper and was like “d’oh! I did NOT see THAT”

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