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bloomberg kse closed

according to bloomberg.

thank you Ansam

apparently it is closed until november the 17th which is the date that the court will convene again.

so yay! me,… 3 day weekend!!!




  1. Makes a hell lot of sense! So why don’t they invent a new parallel one!

  2. I did too 😛 GIVE CREDIT hehehe

  3. bashar: i dont agree with closing it cos every bourse that has been closed has opened much much worse, and has had to be closed again. and again, and again,… this doesnt stop the bloodshed.

    but yeah i too support the idea of a new bourse in parallel.

    ansam: i did! and thank you again 😛

  4. sknkwrkz: I was actually just kidding and I am totally against closing boursa. It’s not a game you turn on and off, or press Continue whenever you like. He who wants to sell should be able to sell, he who wants to hold on should do regardless.

    It sounds like changing the channel to pretend bad news does not exist! Stocks will fall either way.

    A filed suit should not bring boursa down, until a final judgement is reached.

    Thanks for your broad coverage by the way. Best one I found… better than KUNA :O

  5. ahh ok, its hard to gauge sarcasm and jokes in plain text.

    and yeah saddly people here see it as a rich boys game, and many are in it just to say theyre in it,… like driving a ferrari with only 500fils of petrol. very very silly.

    and thank you for the compliments and comments, i always appreciate people who take the time to comment.

    kuna better watch out haha!

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