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there are no trades tacking place or going thru right now.

and the website isnt loading.

i know the courts were meant to decide today on whether or not they would close the KSE.

it looks like they might have closed it down.

oy vey,….



  1. they sure did !

  2. I just got an SMS about it. If this is real it has to be the most ridiculous decision of the century in Kuwait!

    This is an open stock market. Naturally it goes up and down. If you don’t like it, step out of it. Some other people would like to join in right now with low prices, on what basis are you closing it down on them?

  3. joud: so it would seem.

    bashar: indeed,… i was just thinking of buying next week too. it just goes to show that a) even the hamour are hurting and b)could there be more failures on the horizon?

  4. it will reopen on the 17th, this monday so u can still buy those stock 😉

    personally, i think its a dumb move them closing

  5. yup, if a reopening does make it worse all the better for me 😛

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