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Category Archives: dnb

for my music production i normally work in cubase sx which looks like this:


this is pretty traditional for music software, relatively nice and neat, tracks layed out pretty straightforward,….. for those that arent familiar with audio work, think of it like this,…..

imagine you have a band,…. guitarist, vocalist, bassist and drummer. in that case each person will be on one track, and you layer the whole thing like photoshops layering tool which some people might be more familiar with.

so when you play it back, it all comes together as one track or composition.

pretty straight forward.

last night i started reading about old old old school programs….. the kind that ran on amiga computers back in the day. and yes if you dont know what an amiga computer is,…. thats how old i’m talking.

a couple of companies have started making next generation music programs based on those old school principles, and this is what i’m working with now:


its called Renoise.

i shat my pants when i first saw the screenshot.

it scared the hell out of me coming from traditional cubase.

but from past experience when things have scared the hell out of me, i’ve found that those things are often the most rewarding if you get to know and understand them. same goes for scarey looking people,…. so far anyway,… if i disappear you can bet its cos i thought some serial axe murderer was “just lonely” 😛

i ran it anyway,…. and OMG its fucking awesome!

i dont know shit about it yet but inside of 10 minutes i was nodding my head to some impromptu hardcore jungle beat that would have taken me an hour to do inside cubase!

and i made CP’s vocals do some weird weirdy things in 10 secs,…. something that would take ages in cubase or anything else i’ve tried before.

oh and the coolest thing is,… it scares you, so noobie kid producers will stick with their fruity loops 😛

while cubase scrolls horizontally,….

renoise scrolls vertically,….

kinda like the green texty thingy you saw on the matrix.

yes i am geeky like that 😛

for a piece of software desgined on old school principles, its surprising how alot of avant-guarde music is being made by people that know how to use this.

i’m gonna run it on my lappy on my next flight,….

just to see if anyone arrests me cos it looks like i’m hacking into the pentagon or something 😛


a couple of good things happened to me today 😀

one of them being i pretty much finished a track with CixousianPanic doing the vocals.

do check it out and let me know what you think,… might not be everyones cup of tea but i would like to know how it sounds on your music system,…. like did you have to turn it up or down, too much bass, or not enough, etc….

Happy saturday 😛

Nas said that hiphop was dead.

i disagree.

hiphop just went gay.

pop music was always gay.

metal has gone gay.

emo is gay by definition.

house and trance are butch,…. but still gay.

parts of drum&bass is going gay,…..

but theres still some pure raw music being made.

heres some chinstroking music: 

photek – ni ten ichi ryu.

and heres some grrRRRRrrrr!#!$#!%$^%$^%$@!@!!!!!!!! music:

ewun – the divide.


i just got one 😀

but i’m getting tired of recording my own voice to splice into the tracks.

so if you fancy having your voice on a dnb track then just press record and mail me the file 😀

sknkwrkz at hotmail dot com

doesnt have to be anything in particular,…..

you could even do an undercover recording thingy when youre with friends,…. just normal conversations would be great.

even just humming would be fine cos i’d probably wind up chopping the audio.

i just think my tracks need some human voices dropped in here or there.

if youre  a singer then  what would be great is if you could just adlib and make strange sounds 😛 no lyrics necessary 😛

cheers in advance 😀

with the markets doing well and more or less taking care of itself and not much else to do here right now i’ve sorted out my lil bedroom studio the way it should have been to begin with.

apart from some pro quality monitoring speakers im pretty much all set.

my first serious excursion into the production of drum&bass.

so heres the plan:

– produce a bunch of tracks over the next month and half or so.

– drop the tracks off at some of the dj’s and see what they think and what the crowds reaction is too.

– more importantly, i wanna hear it on those big ass speakers in a club >:D

oh and maybe figure out a way to stick the tracks on this page.

otherwise i’ll have to go to myspace,……urghhh godforbid!

i used to wear my hair long in the early 90’s as a kid of the grunge movement that came out of seattle and took over the world for a few short years. i kicked off my sneakers for a pair of black  military boots, and went shopping for the requisite lumberjack looking table clothe looking shirt. you had to love the raw energy and angst that came with nirvana and pearl jam, and even tho we were thousands of miles away from seattle, kids all over the world identified with the music.

then kurt cobain went and shot himself. (or maybe someone else had him shot.)

pearl jam went and got all artsy fartsy on us.

and chris cornell and soundgarden started making pop music.

rage against the machine stayed the same and stopped evolving,.. then eventually disbanded.

i did hop onto the hiphop train.

i hiphoped on and off 😛

and with the current state of bullshit hiphop doing the rounds, i’ve decided to walk instead of ride. i wouldnt be caught dead on some lame ass blingbling train.

house never really did it for me. for some reason it always seemed rather effeminate. and altho i did briefly enjoy waving glowsticks in one drunken stupor or another, it always left me hollow.

strangely i didnt even take to drum & bass when it was underground and kicking off in the UK while i was there. atleast nothing much beyond the roni size and goldie stuff, or grooverider on bbc radio 1.

but holy crap this shit is great!

if you like uptempo stuff but the bog standard crap on mtv leaves you wondering what happened to the music.

if you think emo kids need a bloody haircut, a slap in the face and a loud yelling of “cheer the fuck up!”…..

if youve decided that you cant take another watered down “rock” band who have manicures and are older than your dad, or still too young to drink,…..

if you cringe at the sight of 16 year olds who go to private schools, in a chauffeur driven car, who are anything other than black, who have probably never even spoken to an african american but dress like they came out of a south central LA ghetto,….

then check this out:

you wont really appreciate it until youre in a club with massive speakers, so try and get to one the next time youre overseas.

just wait till the huge subwoofers start battering you with the “bass” bit of the drum&bass. you’ll feel like the music is vibrating in your bones, and coursing thru your colon,….. (careful if you drink too much and have a weak sphincter).

youre gonna love the way you “feel” the shockwaves of the sub bass tones a split second after you hear the bass kick in. its almost as if the dj is reaching inside your ribcage and pumping your heart for you at speeds of 170 bpm.

and the amazing thing is that it doesnt even matter that you’ve never heard the tune before, cos you’ll know the general beat, and the bass sounds, and the shockwaves. so unlike other types of music where you go “WTF is he playing?”, you simply wont care.

it can be aggro and all “arraAARRGGHHHH!!!!” or as chilled as a spliff at the end of a night, even at speeds of 170bpm, depending on what youre into.

its one of the last forms of music where there is very little “superstar dj” type shit going on, altho how long that will last is anyones guess. but it is certainly one of the last genres where the emphasis is on the music and not on what the hell theyre wearing, who they are or who theyre dating.

the funny thing is that some of the producers look hard as nails and yet put out chilled out dnb, while some of the meekest looking ones put out the hardest hitting of the stuff.

give it a shot, you wont be sorry 😛