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Category Archives: finding the skunk

it started with Hi5,

then Friendster,

then Myspace,

then Facebook,

then ( which is quite alright for music actually since it doesnt take as long as bloody myspace to load 😛 ),

then something that sounds like Where are you now,


next week it’ll be MEMEMEMEME.COM,



as nice as it is to get all these invitations, i refuse to join on principle:

– i dont like the fact that someone can keep tabs on me without me knowing, altho i’m pretty sure they could already if they really wanted to.

– those sites just remind me of the gates that you see sheep getting herded into at sheep herding competitions.

– perhaps i dont want to found 😛

– and even if i wanted to be found, perhaps that other person doesnt want to be found.

– i’d rather not be “googleable”, cos sooner or later everyone’s life will be reduced to search engine results, and i’d rather it happened later for me.

– go on admit it, you’ve googled people you know, and maybe even yourself 😛 might be an exception tho cos that actually serves a purpose beyond “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!!”

so ummmm yeah, those are all the excuses for me not joining your network so dont get offended if i dont show up,…..

especially since the real reason is that i can never remember my password.



danger danger!

always a good indicator of impending dooooooooom.

baaaa baaaa 😛

on the plus side for today tho,… some cute kuwaiti chick smiled at me while i was wandering the halls of the KSE. it looked like one of those smiles of familiarity ( which i dont think is a word).

perhaps it was one of you lot.

cos i checked and no my fly wasnt down and i didnt have a booger hanging off of one nostril.


they really dont.

and they make me go all the way from





“when the hell did i write that?!”


“damn there are some sick people out there”

here are just some of todays:

duck’s ass – 1 hit

fuul porn – 3 hits ( i swear i’m not making this up )

define smock dress – 2 hits ( why would that lead here?! )

tuna – 3 hits ( lots of people seemto be curious about tuna )

and the best one so far today:

twin towers camel’s arse photograph – 1 hit ( WTF?!)

oh that and :

hijab porn – 1 hit

a new fetish is born everyday,……. apparently.