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irony is :

securities that perform well, in one of the most heavily secured securities markets in the world, which just happens to be in one of the most dangerous and unsecured cities in the world.

translation: one of the best places to invest your money right now is also one of the most dangerous.

ladies and gentlemen i give you the iraqi stock exchange:

addendum to universal truth no 15:


is being in it while everyone else is bleeding on every other market in the world.


universal truth no 15 – the alternate ending:

supreme genius and supreme stupidity both rely on the same process of thinking outside the universe that holds the galaxy, that holds the solar system, that holds the earth, that holds the continent, that holds the country, that holds the city, that holds the block, that holds the building, that holds the room that holds the box which you are thinking outside of.

exactly which i am guilty of has yet to be determined.


tower of babel

4 years ago i drove into the heart of babylon.

i went unarmed, and unprotected.

and i was welcomed with open arms.

it took 4 years to get to the central staircase of what will become the new tower of babel.

and like the old tower, the peoples of the world will converge there one day.

the common languageΒ  will unite and bind all to the new babel.

hopefully we have learned from the mistakes of the past and this new tower of babel will out last us all.

the foundations of the new babylon have been laid down.

and today i took the first of many steps up the tower.

i love the market,….

infact i love just about any kind of market, so one dusty friday morning at the fish market in kuwait city:


the dude in the corner,…. i thought he was gonna move out the way, but he kept standing where he was so i just snapped away πŸ˜›

business idea: you know those booties that you have to wear to go into an operating room in the hospital? those little blue things?

someone needs to put a dispensing machine at the entrance. charge 20 fils and i reckon youd make a killing πŸ˜›

oh and isnt there a ban on shrimps at the market and a general ban on shrimping in kuwaiti waters?


they must have scared the shrimps into international waters and then caught them πŸ˜›

KD2 a kilo!

but if you haggle a bit you can bag them for KD1.750 πŸ˜›


i cant wait to get them inthe pot!

the shrimp are medium sized ones,… but fat and fresh medium sized ones, all their heads were solidly on and their bodies firm to the touch. get em while you can!

the crabs are upside down so you can check for freshness underneath,….. and you can pick te ones with eggs if thats your thing.



and heres a slightly odd mural:

the fishies’s version of water torture, or in their case no-water torture?


the shrimp appear to be the thugs of the smaller fish on the left.

i heard that the fat fish that theyre tortureing hasnt paid his weekly protection money to the smaller fish. see a slight hint of a smile on his face? and the big fish obviously doesnt look lik hes having fun.

and who apparently the butcher of bagdad ( ol saddam) got his training at this market πŸ˜› :


come on the likeness is uncanny πŸ˜›