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according to the 4th Ring Road blog the sheep are demonstrating again at the KSE.

lets get this right, they are demonstrating against themselves panicing, and the government not helping them to not panic.

why should you not pity them?

well, most of them dont trade to put food on their tables. infact quite a few actually collect nice fat pensions, since theyre retired, or they still work, and get a salary, but just arent at work, cos they have wasta and have made “an arrangement” as its called.

myself, i trade to put food on the table, i eat what i kill, but even i would prefer no government intervention,….

but then again i know what i’m doing 😛


from today’s arabtimes,… in like a lil tiny corner:

DUBAI  (AFP) – A Saudi judge who served as head of an Islamic court has been arrested in the Gulf emirate of Dubai on charges of possessing and using drugs, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Hamad Salim bin Naif, who served as head of a sharia (Islamic law) court in Saudi Arabia, was arrested along with his Moroccan wife after police raided their room in a Dubai hotel on Friday and found four grams of hashish in his possession, the Khaleej Times said.

The suspect confessed that he and his wife take drugs and said he brought the confiscated hashish from Saudi Arabia for their personal use, the English-language newspaper reported, citing a Dubai police source.

Sharia courts in Saudi Arabia impose tough penalties for drug-related charges, and drug trafficking is punishable by death in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a member, also imposes severe penalties for all drug-related offences. Four years in prison is the usual sentence for possession while trafficking carries the death penalty.

The bustling city state of Dubai is a prime leisure destination for residents of more conservative parts of the oil-rich Gulf region.


a) how do you let yourself get caught in that kind of situation if youre a judge, and a one time sharia judge as well,…

b) you’re going to DUBAI, land of hookers, gammbling, AND drugs of any kind,… i hardly think you need to bring your own pot,…. unless of course its cos you’ve heard of the inflation horror stories and assumed that it applied to black market narcotics as well.

i wonder if he also brought his own chinese hookers from saudi and a homemade roulette wheel.

and c) i’ve never been in dubai and stoned, but knowing dubai’s summer time weather, you would have to be stoned to even think of getting stoned in a humid dubai summer.

oy vey,….


its good to see the religious police cracking down on pet shop owners selling “marital” and “dating” aides disguised as cats and dogs. for too long, young men and women have been getting it on while their pets are busy sniffing each others asses!

the streets will be “clean” once again,…. no more “immoral behaviour” like people walking their dogs, and definately alot less doggy poo.

once again, bravo religious police!


for all your efforts, my dear religious police,…

there is one segment of the public that continues to elude you. i am sure you are working on them and i’m sure you have agents “undercover” as i write this, but just in case you dont allow me to enlighten you:

they are cunning, they are clever, they are tenacious and relentless.

they congregate under your very noses.

they are both an integral part of your society and the sole cause of your boys and girls hooking up, as the kids call it these days.

they work by word of mouth, sometimes employing “agents” who spread their message, while the more tech savy work by mobile phone text messages, and online forums. they know no borders, and freely operate between countries without the slightest bit of scrutiny.

and like al-qaeda, there is no boss, only a network of loosely organised groups in each city, in each neighborhood and on every street. some are very sought after and demand very high prices for their expertise.

and they will never rest until their job is done.

no, they will never rest until every last boy and girl is ultimately engaged in the act of sexual procreation.

they are relentless in their pursuit of the opposite sex for their “client”, and they are constantly out looking for suitable partners at weddings, family gatherings, supermarkets, highways, airports, etc.

they are more numerous than numerously  numerous things,…

they have pressure applying techniques that are thousands of years old, and they use them liberally.

they are so cunning that one word or one look can cause you to engage a therapist for years on end.

thats right religious police, i know you know who i’m talking about, and i am sure you yourselves have your own horror stories to tell.

if you dont do something about them then every boy and girl you know will at some point be engaged in sexual acts.


the next one could be you.


thats right it could be you.


i’m afraid there is no easy way to say this, so i’ll just come out and say it :

MOTHERS must be banned!

ps: please hurry before my mother reads this.

the scenario to come:

warplanes, most likely of israeli origin, swoop down and take out iran’s “peaceful” nuclear reactors.

pilots go “shalom!” and break out the creamcheese bagels for their flight home.

and then?

the question on everyone’s mind is not whether or not a strike will occur, but rather “when” and “what the fuck will the iranians do?”

according to one iranian commander: ” …..our finger is always on the trigger and we have hundreds and even thousands of missiles ready to be fired against predetermined targets,” Gen. Hossein Salami, commander of the Revolutionary Guard ground forces. [Link]

apparently their fingers are also busy with photoshop trying to hide missiles that dont go off [Link}

the photoshoped:

the original:

yes they suck at photoshop as much as they suck at being the biggest automobile producer in the middle east.

see,… you didnt know they made cars did you?

why bother photoshopping?

it doesnt make sense.

but then again not much coming out of tehran ever does make that much sense,… take the interview on fareed zakaria’s gps show on cnn with the iranian foreign minister,… dude said:

“before we discuss the halting of uranium enrichment, we must discuss the agenda for the meeting on the discussion of the discussion of the halting of any uranium enrichment discussion.”


just,… wow….

no wonder he’s in charge of every government’s bullshit factory,… he just does it so well.

but i digress,…

so what could iran do in the event of a strike?

not much actually, and here’s why:

1- lob firecrackers at israel:

as if israel is not prepared,… chances are there are 10 times more patriot batteries than iranian missiles. add to that the fact that the us military in the gulf will the first to hear about any launch, i reckon the israelis will have time to switch on the patriots, put the kettle on, make a kosher bacon sandwhich, hit record on the vcr for what ever israeli soap that the iranians will be rudely interupting, and head down to the bunker.

the iranians know this,… and it would be very embarassing indeed if their loyal american flag burners through out the arab/muslim world tuned in to watch the great destruction of tel aviv only to be greeted with the scene of israelis sitting in lawn chairs enjoying a “patriot n’ scud misslie” light show.

i doubt the iranians would risk this possible loss of face for a couple of measly reactors they could rebuild.

this is why we didnt hear much about the strike on the syrian facility last september?


2- block the strait of hormuz:

incase you dont know what it is, its that narrow bit of sea through which 30-40% of the world’s oil passes.

the most likely result of this would be to send oil prices sky high.

“we will scare the west into submission by making a trip to the supermarket more expensive than a high class hooker on new years eve!” they reckon.


iran already has almost no one in their corner. doing this will piss off everyone,…

more importantly they will piss off the people that matter:

joe / gunther / pierre / sven blow suburbia, mr newly middle class chan and his good friend mr surresh of new yuppie bombay, as well as many others around the world.

it has already gotten to the point that the average working man now realises that “something must be done to secure more oil” atleast, until an alternative is found. if a nation’s truck drivers and street cleaners are saying this because they are struggling to put food on their table guess how easy it will be for their governments to launch as many “necessary strikes” as possible.

pushing oil to crazy prices could actually be tehran’s downfall.

and lets not forget the iranians,… they’ve seen whats going on in the gulf, so how long before they start asking when they will see the benefits of high oil prices instead of record inflation and having their gasoline rationed cos iran cant produce enough for its own use.

ultimately, war is about who has more money and who has more gas. iran has some money, but no gas. tanks dont run on iranian rials.

blocking hormuz will force everyone to rally against them, even diehard anti-israeli/american jihadis will start to wonder if this is all worth US$10 a liter orange juice, so again not likely.


3- a retaliation strike against us military installations in their neighbours:

hitting kuwait, bahrain, iraq, afghanistan, qatar or even dubai will simply confirm america’s assertion that iran is nuts.

iran hates it when america is right, so just to piss america off it probably wont happen.

to do so would be to become the world’s new north korea,… and from recent events, even north korea doesnt want to be the world’s north korea any more.




so what could happen?

i dont know.

its not like they can do a syria and deny that there was a strike, nor can they say that it was only a military warehouse.

theres actually not much they could do.

unless they happen to have an army of big purple people eaters,…. then we’re all screwed.


one thing is certain tho,…

i get the feeling that there is a rift of some sort between the generals and the supreme council.


well the skirmishes that go unreported for one.

the british sailor hostages for another.

its as if the military is saying ” come on if you think you’re hard enough! (cos we want you to bomb tehran and kick those nutcases out)”

the generals arent stupid, and i think 30 years of ayatollah mismanagement is finally starting to piss them off.


as usual i could be wrong, so breakout your gasmasks just in case cos it could still go juuuuuust a little bit wonky.

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the one thing that alot of people overlooked while reading about this story, and i admit i overlooked it too, is that the girl and her male companion who wasnt her relative were both kidnapped,….

and “both” of them were gang raped.


hmmm so heres how i see it,….

girl meets boy to get pics.

gang somehow hears about this,..

gang consider it to be illegal, an act of great shame, and punishable by the wrath of god.

so they decide to be said wrath of god and:

a) kidnap both of them – illegal, an act of crime, punishable by the wrath of god.

b) rape the girl –  illegal, an act of crime, punishable by the wrath of god.

and by far the most mind boggling bit,…

c) rape the guy – illegal, an act of crime, punishable by the wrath of god in a big big way since homosexuality is a big no-no in just about any of the major relgions. probably one of the biggest no-no’s out there.

so appart from the fact that yes they obviously were men of minature mental capacity,….

and they were obviously on some righteous religious crusade,…

well, heres my question,….

and mind you i’ve heard this said in other circles so i’m wondering about your opinion,….

is it the case that its only an act of homosexuality,…..

and youre only considered homosexual,…..

if you are the one penetrated and not the one doing the penetrating ?

is that why you hear of so many cases of guys getting raped in this region?

cos they think it doesnt make them officially gay?

boggles the mind it does.

(CNN) — A court in Saudi Arabia increased the punishment for a gang-rape victim after her lawyer won an appeal of the sentence for the rapists, the lawyer told CNN.

The 19-year-old victim was sentenced last year to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male, a former friend from whom she was retrieving photographs. The seven rapists, who abducted the pair, received sentences ranging from 10 months to five years in prison.

The victim’s attorney, Abdulrahman al-Lahim, contested the rapists’ sentence, contending there is a fatwa, or edict under Islamic law, that considers such crimes Hiraba (sinful violent crime) and the punishment should be death.

“After a year, the preliminary court changed the punishment and made it two to nine years for the defendants,” al-Lahim said of the new decision handed down Wednesday. “However, we were shocked that they also changed the victim’s sentence to be six months in prison and 200 lashes.”

you can read the full story here.

where does one start on a story like this?

to begin with, this is nothing more than a prime example of what i was writing about in a previous post ( which you can read here if you really want to).

reading between the lines,….
lets start at the begining,…

first she was sentanced to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male,….

uhhh! the whore!

doesnt she know that the mere presence of an unrelated vagina will turn men into crazy lust filled animals?!

and that the jigglement of unrelated mammary glands will turn “hardened” arab men into sex maniacs?

( yes, yes, pun intended )

cos lets face it, surely, its not the man’s fault that he cant control himself.

infact no man can control himself,…

thats what the judge said by passing the verdict and handing down the sentance. read that again,… a “judge”, presumably someone with indepth legal knowledge and impeccable ethical standards says it was her fault for provoking the rapists.

well if you ever want to rape anyone you know where to do it from now on.

and the court has in effect ruled that men, muslim or otherwise, are weak.

and it doesnt stop there,….

now, her lawyer appealed the case and won. kudos to the judge at the court of appeals!

but, yes, its doesnt quite stop there,…

the appeal was turned over.

the lawyers licence was revoked.

oh and one more thing,….

because she was pissed off at the original sentance of “only” 90 lashes, she went and publicized her case, hoping to get some support for her cause. and because she didnt “just take it like a man” her punishment has now been increased to 200 lashes.

ie: the kingdom is like vegas, what happens in the kingdom stays in the kingdom!

personally i think i would prefer cheating in vegas and getting beaten up by mobsters in the desert, to,… well,….

getting beaten up by mobsters in the desert.


and just in case youre wondering what the punishment looks like, heres a picture from the wonderful holiday destination of Aceh Indonesia,…. only according to the blog this guy only had 40 before they were afraid he went into shock and they took him to hospital:

oy vey,….