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ok i’ll be the first to admit that its hardly highbrow tv, but damn that series is pretty addictive.

over the past 24 hours i’ve gone thru the entire 18 episodes of the pilot season.

yup i’ve been very productive lately 😛

i used to read comics when i was younger, and the mutated type of comics always appealed to me for some reason. you know the type, kid wakes up one day and finds out that he can burn/freeze/disappear/stop time/ grow a monkey tail/ etc,….

but even as a kid i always found the necessity for a leotard costume a bit baffleing, i mean surely if youre fighting crime you’d want to be comfortable right?

not worrying what your package looks like while saving the world.

heroes is basically similar to the basic x-men storyline,….

the next step in human evolution where humans use more than the 10% of their brains that they are normally restricted to. the result of course is people with super human powers. naturally theres a bunch of good guys, who struggle to cope with their new found powers, and then there are the bad guys who decide to use their powers for personal gain, and then theres the standard shadowy organisation that the guys in the middle belong to.

the great thing is,…. no typical leotard costumes, and no crappy effects.

surprisingly, theres actually very little blatant special effects. chances are if you turned it on by accident, you might not even realise it was a superpower mutant type show.

this is gonna sound funny but:

its a pretty realistic depiction of superpower people 😛 as dumb as that sounds.

if you get a chance, check it out.

now this all propelled me back 20 years to when i first picked up a comic book. and i wondered about what super power i would have.

not what i would want, cos everyone wants to fly/burn/superstrength/supers speed.

everyone knows you dont get what you want,….

so what would i get given?

to be as realistic as possible, assuming that in everyones life you rarely get what you want, but you get what youre given. and being a believer in the whole ‘if you get lemons make lemonade’ thing……

hmmmm, i’d probably get something pretty dull, like the ability to zero in on belly button lint which could be collected and thrown at evil doers,…if nothing else it would surprise the bad guys into a momentary WTF?! second, durnig which i would save the day 😀

or maybe the ability to remove ear wax without a cottonbud, drawing ear wax from the innocent bystanders, forming a supersize ball of ear wax with which to bowl the bad guys with,…. a la fred flintstones. (someone remind me to pack latex gloves for that)

it would probably not be something obviously lethal, possibly the ability to clean a cats whiskers at will…… which wouldnt be too bad, i could be a pet groomer by day, and ummm,… couch potato watching heroes by night……

i always wondered about the mutants that never really get something superduperish,….. cos i mean not everyone is gonna have powers to save the world right?

if you werent one of those grade A super heroes,…. what kind of super power do you think youd have?

i’m gonna go try and wipe my butt using my mind now,…, you know how much you’d save on toilet paper alone if you could actually wipe your butt with your mind?