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one of the dangers of producing music / trading on your own is that you forget to do what it is that you are producing music / trading for.

yes, you produce / trade for yourself.

and yes, you produce / trade as a form of therapy.

spending hours tweaking a sound / study or working on an arrangement / annual report can be incredibly cathartic.

at times you meet other producers / traders, perhaps people who’s work you really admire ( that mostly music related as most other traders i’ve met are idiots 😛 )

at times you even get the chance to give your music to a top of the line DJ who’s crew was responsible for your genre of choice back in the day ( whoohooo yay me! 😛 )

the danger lies in producing music to stroke ones chin to.

you start to worry about what other producers /traders think, and other producers / traders become your benchmark.

you stop listening to anything other than the genre that youre trying to make.

and all that is responsible for music / returns getting stale and shitty, and all sounding the same.

somewhere along the line you forgot that music / the stock market is meant to reflect life and the living.

a dope track / trade becomes a dope track / trade because it resonates with the dance floor/ investor on a personal level.

because it reflects something about their lives.

because somewhere in the 4/4 boom boom boom / tick of the ticker tape, there in lies a reference that everyone recognises,…. either as an affirmation of their lives or as an escape from, or rebellion to their reality.

as a producer / trader,…..

you cant be cooped up in your studio / office doing nothing but learning your craft because that just turns you into an engineer / technician regardless of how good you are on the guitar / charts.

i’ve been having trouble finishing my track cos i’ve been doing just that.

i havent posted in a while because i’ve decided to go out and live a little.

a little beyond just “work”.

and its been hella fun and just a little bit scary at times.

i decided to have a quiet night tonight,…. fired up Renoise, and got an amazing amount done on my arabic jungle track.

i’m almost satisfied with it so it’ll be coming soon 😛

and all it took was to step out of the comfort zone fortress i built around myself.

theres nothing like a bit of fresh air every now and again.


i am, i am 😛

for your thursday evening listening pleasure,….

Tribe of Issachar – Junglist

clip from human traffic:

and heres a little documentary on the most important 6 second sample in history, which is what jungle is mostly based on: