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if you have a decent connection,..

and you appreciate quirky, beautiful, weird, original, sometimes bizarre but always quality independent videos made by some very talented people,…

then Vimeo so kicks youtube’s ass,… and it ass-kicks in hi-def.

a while ago i decided that i wanted to make videos for my music, so thats what i’m going to do.

ghetto videos.

ie short films with the crap i have….

ie my nokia n95 8gb.

add a bit of creative editing and post production and i might just come up with something worth watching.

the point being, to use what i have instead of going out and buying expensive gear. reichhold made some amazing photos on a massive scale, with nothing more than the capabilities of the n95 so why not attempt something similar with film?

pocketfilm? jump on this as well for the BBC’s take on pocket films.

well no i’m going to aim for something a bit more, but i might just fall back on that if what i wind up making really sucks 😛

so i might be away for a while,…

since i had a track,…

then i had a video idea,…

then that idea morphed into another idea,…

that required a different track to fully accompany the video,…

which by the time the track was underway, had evolved into something else completely,…..

my chickens and eggs are starting to look the same 😛


the black msi wind on the right.

then i can annoy my neighbor on the plane by looking like this for 7 hours:

while crafting my beats.

which i wouldnt be able to do on the asus.


from wikipedia:

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music which has its roots in London‘s early 2000s UK garage scene. The genre’s name was coined by Ammunition Promotions. Musically, dubstep is distinguished by its dark mood, sparse rhythms, and emphasis on bass. Dubstep started to spread beyond small local scenes in late 2005 and early 2006, with many websites devoted to the genre appearing on the internet and thus aiding the growth of the scene, such as dubstepforum, the download site Barefiles and blogs such as gutterbreakz.[1] Simultaneously, the genre was receiving extensive coverage in music magazines such as The Wire and online publications such as Pitchfork Media. Interest in dubstep grew significantly after BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs began championing the genre, devoting a show to it (entitled “Dubstep Warz”) in January 2006.[2][3][4]

music has always played an important role in my life in one form or another.

in my younger days i soaked up the grunge that was coming out of seattle, grew my hair long, sourced army boots and learned to play the drums.

hiphop is what i remember most about the last few years of highschool and most of university.

after that the radio started to bore me.

i worried that perhaps i was getting old, as i prefered 70’s funk to 50 cent. i prefered the long dead scene of syncopated jungle music to the effeminate glowsticks house trancey tiesto crap that came blaring out of the radio.

but recently, this thing called dubstep has come to my attention.

and i feel like a kid once again!

i’m normally happy to get deeper into older types of music if the current stuff doesnt do it for me anymore.

but this is different, its new, its fresh, its dark and sometimes bizarre,…. and its breaking worldwide right now.

its hard to describe exactly what it is but what it does have is lots and lots of sub-bass.

loooooooooooooooooootsssssssssss of sub!

ok let me explain,….

you know how you go “mmmmmm 😀 ” when you hear a nice deep bass sound?

well imagine you could get to the core sound, and you could go deeper.

now imagine you heard that on a biiiiiiig ass speaker system.

what happens is you wind up feeling the music rather than hearing it.

it transcends the beard stroking ” hmm nice progression of notes” and turns music into a physical experience. i remember i said somethng similar when i was talking about drum and bass a while ago.

well this makes the drum and bass bass feel like nothing more than a gentle tap on your shoulder.

dubstep bass is designed specifically to pound your body to the point where the sub moves your body even if youre standing still.

what other type of music will move your clothes while youre stationary?

ok i’ll stop rammbleing while you watch these videos and if you have a subwoofer,…. turn that damn thing up :


another documentary

theres a couple more on youtube if youre interested.

and heres a bbc website where you can listen to a few tracks by the guys at the forefront of this movement:


go on, get on it!

are you?

well, youre gonna love this then.

my regular earphones died this morning while i was walking the halls of the stock exchange so i figured i’d pop down to the sony shop in sharq mall to pick up a new pair.

i was gonna go for a regular pair of earphones, you know the kind with the fuzzy buds.

then i noticed the Sony MDR EX85LP’s, mainly cos they were packed in a boring ass white cardboard box.

and they werent called earphones,…..

they called them In Ear Monitors.

now sony, altho a consumer electronics company, came out with a legendary pair of headphones in the 80’s called the mdr-somenumber,…. if you really need the number i’ll track it down for you.

anyway, despite being well over 25 years old, theyre still used in a lot of the top line studios, and the only complaint people have is that they cant find the cushion padding replacements since sony stopped making them.

those were the big headband type of headphones, which i’ve always found to be not too suited for the weather here.

i hate having the air conditioning going and i really dont like it when i have to turn it all the way down cos i’m sweating while wearing those cans.

but my regular earphones always boosted the bass much too much,…. which is why, if you’ve listened to some of my tracks the bass never sounds right. (cos when theres too much bass, you’ll pull back on the bass so the track sounds weak,…. not enough and you over compensate resulting in a muddy track. same with hi and mid frequencies.)

these ones however do the job just right, without me having to wear those hot headphones.

if you like your music clear and just right, as its meant to be heard, then do yourself a favour and ditch those stock headphones that came with your ipod/zen, and get yourself a pair of these.

they slide into your ear canal, and even without turning up the bass you can feel your brain vibrating. its the closest thing to a clubish sound on a pair of headphones since you can actually feel the bass,…even if its only vibrating your brain and not your bowels as a good sound system should do 😛

since they slide into your ear canal they pretty much cancel alot of the outside noise without getting uncomfortable. so far i’ve been wearing them for about a couple of hours and i dont feel a thing.

the hi frequencie response is a bit high but not too bad. you’ll hear a shitty mix cos it’ll be all ssssssssssss sounding.

the mids which is where most of the music resides if nice and clear.

and the bass goes nice and low on those dance tracks.

they cost me KD16.000 and i’m guessing they should last about 5 years if i look after them and dont forget them in the car on a hot day.

the dumbass store guy actually suggested i buy the cheaper KD11.000 mega bass set saying they were better,….. thing is those are probably less accurate for my use, but they would probably suit someone who just wanted lots of bass,….. and i think their profit margin on those things is actually higher than on my pair.

now these are by no means the top of the line as there are others that make better and much more expensive ones.

if you have sweaty ears like i do when wearing regular headphones then you’ll like these 😛

but do try them in the shop as some people dont like the whole in ear thing……

take in your own music, and try them out on tracks you know very well and see if you like them.


oooh psychofreud’s “boom wah dis” is vibrating my brain to mush 😛 

one of the dangers of producing music / trading on your own is that you forget to do what it is that you are producing music / trading for.

yes, you produce / trade for yourself.

and yes, you produce / trade as a form of therapy.

spending hours tweaking a sound / study or working on an arrangement / annual report can be incredibly cathartic.

at times you meet other producers / traders, perhaps people who’s work you really admire ( that mostly music related as most other traders i’ve met are idiots 😛 )

at times you even get the chance to give your music to a top of the line DJ who’s crew was responsible for your genre of choice back in the day ( whoohooo yay me! 😛 )

the danger lies in producing music to stroke ones chin to.

you start to worry about what other producers /traders think, and other producers / traders become your benchmark.

you stop listening to anything other than the genre that youre trying to make.

and all that is responsible for music / returns getting stale and shitty, and all sounding the same.

somewhere along the line you forgot that music / the stock market is meant to reflect life and the living.

a dope track / trade becomes a dope track / trade because it resonates with the dance floor/ investor on a personal level.

because it reflects something about their lives.

because somewhere in the 4/4 boom boom boom / tick of the ticker tape, there in lies a reference that everyone recognises,…. either as an affirmation of their lives or as an escape from, or rebellion to their reality.

as a producer / trader,…..

you cant be cooped up in your studio / office doing nothing but learning your craft because that just turns you into an engineer / technician regardless of how good you are on the guitar / charts.

i’ve been having trouble finishing my track cos i’ve been doing just that.

i havent posted in a while because i’ve decided to go out and live a little.

a little beyond just “work”.

and its been hella fun and just a little bit scary at times.

i decided to have a quiet night tonight,…. fired up Renoise, and got an amazing amount done on my arabic jungle track.

i’m almost satisfied with it so it’ll be coming soon 😛

and all it took was to step out of the comfort zone fortress i built around myself.

theres nothing like a bit of fresh air every now and again.

following on from my post a while ago about looking for arabic music ………

i managed to get my hands on some heavy arabic percussion stuff thanks to CixousianPanic and a muscle bound dude in one of those lil arabic music shops where they bootleg regional music.

what have i done so far?

ummm i’m not really sure……

i sampled bits and sped them up so imagine the typical khaleeji drumming and clapping now at dance floor speed.

i’ve actually managed to chop up and blend turkish and arabic time signatures into some odd bastard child of jungle. its like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

is it any good?

well i dont know, its not finished yet.

but i can quite happily, tell you what it isnt,….

its not just a western dance floor beat with arabic style drums and violins on top…..

so it doesnt really sound like a buddha bar remix,… which is good, even tho i quite like some buddha bar/arabian nights stuff.

its also not just generic arabic music remixed over jungle beats the way alot of ragga-jungle is a mostly reggae/ragga vocals on top of a jungle beat.

in fact i havent used a single “jungle” break that would categorise the track as jungle.

its jungle in spirit 😛

and its not breakcore.

it sounds tribal but not in a tribal house psytrance type of way,…… ministry of sound have never really played anything like this i dont think.

after listening to regular stuff, my stuff sounds out of sync,… until its been playing for a while, then you get into the rhythm,… something to do with the odd time signature i’m guessing. hence the jungle in spirit thingy as old school jungle used to sound odd compared to standard house and hiphop back in the day.

but also i think a little bit more funk and groove needs to be injected, but as with experimental music, i have yet to find the right sound to go with it,…. even with my vast sample library of everything from japanese shamisen to 1920’s black plantation songs.

it has got me excited tho 😛

excited in a way that kinano said when he said i was gonna open a whole can of worms with this idea 😛

i’ll pop it up here in a few days when its done.

i mean if it gets done 😛

or i’ll mail some of you lot a sample of what it sounds like so far for your input.

thing is, i’ll only be able to really judge how good it is by getting a dj to drop it into a set and seeing the crowds reaction to it. and saddly august means theres almost no parties going on here.

i love how when youre purely experimenting, youre less concerned about putting your stuff out there cos it is, well,……. an experiment 😛