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Category Archives: orgies

the KSE hit 11,941 today,

the magical 12,000 number is just a weekend away.

you could feel all the eyes dreaming of different lives,

Come to market my pretties….



machboos is probably the most kuwaiti thing that most foreigners like myself will run into the most frequently here.

personally, i love a good machboos anything.

but heres my question:

how old a tradition is machboos exactlly?

cos as a nation of people who live in the desert,…

and a nation of bedouins who probably roamed the deserts before this was even a british protectorate,….

and even as a nation of seamen, fishermen and pearl divers, who live in a desert environment,…

where water was once a precious resource,…. and ironically will become a precious resource once again in a month or so 😛 ,…..

machboos takes a helluvalot of water to make.

for every cup of rice you need atleast 2 equal cups of water.

not to mention how heavy the rice is to lug across anywhere let alone a bloody desert!

so my theorey is that perhaps, machboos was a once in a blue moon thing. like a wedding, and the rest of the time people would eat regular desert food, whatever that might be. or fish.

see i can understand if the iraqis had it as a staple lunch, cos they have the two rivers up there that empty into the arabian gulf. the syrians and jordanians and egyptians too. but here?

so when did machboos become the defacto lunch menu?

i ask because i had an epiphany while walking thru the avenues at 1030 on a weekday.

the fall of Rome and Ang Kor Wat and that unpronouncable mayan city was all preceded by an orgy of gluttony of one form or another.

the romans literally had orgies,… mostly with little boys.

the mayans managed to fuck up their maize fields by over cultivating and and having too large a population.

walking thru the avenues, which was full, early in the morning on a weekday i realised that kuwait’s is a financial orgy.

when a meal that was once reserved for special occasions because it required alot of natural resources and energy to prepare becomes just a regular lunch, youre in a gluttonous orgy.

i’m sorry but theres no arguing that point.

if there are historians and strategists who reckon that a factor to japan’s defeat in world war two was the fact that the japanese couldnt stop eating rice, which they had to haul, find water for and cook, in the tropics where theres lots of water,….

when allied GI’s could survive and fight on biscuits and crap food in bags,…


theres something fundamentally wrong dont you think?

cos you are, after all, what you eat.