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its not going well.

they’ve voted against it.

in an effort to stay popular with their voters they’ve killed the bill.

watch the world go into a tailspin,…

its not going to be pretty at all.


the one thing that alot of people overlooked while reading about this story, and i admit i overlooked it too, is that the girl and her male companion who wasnt her relative were both kidnapped,….

and “both” of them were gang raped.


hmmm so heres how i see it,….

girl meets boy to get pics.

gang somehow hears about this,..

gang consider it to be illegal, an act of great shame, and punishable by the wrath of god.

so they decide to be said wrath of god and:

a) kidnap both of them – illegal, an act of crime, punishable by the wrath of god.

b) rape the girl –  illegal, an act of crime, punishable by the wrath of god.

and by far the most mind boggling bit,…

c) rape the guy – illegal, an act of crime, punishable by the wrath of god in a big big way since homosexuality is a big no-no in just about any of the major relgions. probably one of the biggest no-no’s out there.

so appart from the fact that yes they obviously were men of minature mental capacity,….

and they were obviously on some righteous religious crusade,…

well, heres my question,….

and mind you i’ve heard this said in other circles so i’m wondering about your opinion,….

is it the case that its only an act of homosexuality,…..

and youre only considered homosexual,…..

if you are the one penetrated and not the one doing the penetrating ?

is that why you hear of so many cases of guys getting raped in this region?

cos they think it doesnt make them officially gay?

boggles the mind it does.

(CNN) — A court in Saudi Arabia increased the punishment for a gang-rape victim after her lawyer won an appeal of the sentence for the rapists, the lawyer told CNN.

The 19-year-old victim was sentenced last year to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male, a former friend from whom she was retrieving photographs. The seven rapists, who abducted the pair, received sentences ranging from 10 months to five years in prison.

The victim’s attorney, Abdulrahman al-Lahim, contested the rapists’ sentence, contending there is a fatwa, or edict under Islamic law, that considers such crimes Hiraba (sinful violent crime) and the punishment should be death.

“After a year, the preliminary court changed the punishment and made it two to nine years for the defendants,” al-Lahim said of the new decision handed down Wednesday. “However, we were shocked that they also changed the victim’s sentence to be six months in prison and 200 lashes.”

you can read the full story here.

where does one start on a story like this?

to begin with, this is nothing more than a prime example of what i was writing about in a previous post ( which you can read here if you really want to).

reading between the lines,….
lets start at the begining,…

first she was sentanced to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male,….

uhhh! the whore!

doesnt she know that the mere presence of an unrelated vagina will turn men into crazy lust filled animals?!

and that the jigglement of unrelated mammary glands will turn “hardened” arab men into sex maniacs?

( yes, yes, pun intended )

cos lets face it, surely, its not the man’s fault that he cant control himself.

infact no man can control himself,…

thats what the judge said by passing the verdict and handing down the sentance. read that again,… a “judge”, presumably someone with indepth legal knowledge and impeccable ethical standards says it was her fault for provoking the rapists.

well if you ever want to rape anyone you know where to do it from now on.

and the court has in effect ruled that men, muslim or otherwise, are weak.

and it doesnt stop there,….

now, her lawyer appealed the case and won. kudos to the judge at the court of appeals!

but, yes, its doesnt quite stop there,…

the appeal was turned over.

the lawyers licence was revoked.

oh and one more thing,….

because she was pissed off at the original sentance of “only” 90 lashes, she went and publicized her case, hoping to get some support for her cause. and because she didnt “just take it like a man” her punishment has now been increased to 200 lashes.

ie: the kingdom is like vegas, what happens in the kingdom stays in the kingdom!

personally i think i would prefer cheating in vegas and getting beaten up by mobsters in the desert, to,… well,….

getting beaten up by mobsters in the desert.


and just in case youre wondering what the punishment looks like, heres a picture from the wonderful holiday destination of Aceh Indonesia,…. only according to the blog this guy only had 40 before they were afraid he went into shock and they took him to hospital:

oy vey,….

a couple of weeks ago burma’s monks decided that they had had enough.

it was time to don their shit kicking boots and start taking names.

burma is a nation that has been under a military dictatorship for god knows how long,…. 30 years? more?

the military keeps the nation locked down by paying their soldiers extremely well.

they might only make a few dollars a month, but thats already 10 times the average non-military wage. oh and the military have food and accommodation covered by the state. the rest dont.

what started off as a protest against the rise in fuel prices and basic foodstuffs on behalf of their people basically turned into a wholesale condemnation of the military junta that controls and runs the country.

they told the public to stay away as they protested by walking the streets on rangoon every day,…. and they did for the first few days.

but then everyone started joining them.

what is admirable is the fact that the monks had somehow managed to separate themselves and the temple from the state. there are not many religious institutions that can do that in the free world let alone a military dictatorship.

or perhaps they havent, but rather the general had pissed all over one of the monks top boys, hence the protest…. i dont know.

saddly once the government had had enough, they locked the monks up in their temples and they started to clamp down and cut off the publics access to the internet, where alot of the coverage was coming from. official government stats of nine dead contradicted reports from people on the street quoting much larger numbers.

as of today, some 1,000 have been rounded up for “questioning”, and i’m guessing the monks have been locked up in their temples.

now if you got this far and i havent bored you to death, well done cos heres where it gets interesting……

who cares about burma?

what the fuck do they have thats worth fighting for?

well i’m sure youve heard this saying before:

“an army only marches on its stomach”

so where’s the military getting all the dosh to pay their boys in green?

well burma apparently has huge reserves of minerals,…..

and natural gas!

and guess what,…..

yup, soldier boy’s getting paid!

so who’s doing the paying?

and how can you, the infuriated activist overseas help without jumping on a flight to rangoon?

well i propose that you follow in the footsteps of the monks,……. but be a bit more mischievous.

civil disobedience with a point.

well according to the Burma Campaign UK’s Dirty List :

is there a chevron office in your city? if so get a couple of friends together and buy yourself a dump truck full of manure (cow shit) and have it delivered to the front door,…. dont forget to tip the dump truck driver.

what about Total? you know, the french oil company that was probably paying saddam for the oil he would smuggle out past the useless and corrupt UN officials?

oh dont tell me that you thought france was against the invasion of iraq on “moral grounds” !

if there is an office in your town then go out and buy each of your activist group members this:

and then drink lots and lots of anything, alcoholic might be best as it serves to increase urine production.

target the Total workers in drive by pee shootings, or douse the CEO’s car in urine, or even the front door of their HQ.

^ever see that logo?

that logo belongs to the Mitsui corporation of japan. the japanese are one of the finest when it comes to working with dictatorial military regimes, they know how to kiss ass to get what they want. the japanese government is the main problem tho because they send aid out to the burmese ( oh how nice of them ) but they attach a condition that it has to be japanese companies that do the work.

its like governmental money laundering.

what to do with the japanese?

this is the cheapest suggestion i have,….. pop down to the fish market at the end of the day, scoop all the guts into a bucket, or several big big big buckets,….. label them something dramatic “burmese peoples rights” and empty them at the steps on the company or any japanese embassy in your region.

oh and before you do anything do remember to call the media,….

and to keep on doing it.

it wont stop the exploitation going on. lets not kid ourselves now.

but it will get people talking, in the company and outside.

which is what you want them to do.

you see, in this day and age, angry banners and loudspeakers dont say shit anymore.

oh,.. if anyone reading this happens to manage burmese funds, or the funds of any of the companies up there, or if you happen to be a a really really massive speculator with an endless credit line with your bank,….

and youre one of the really pissed off,…

never mind the pee in the water gun and the fish guts,…..

short (sell for my non-trader readers) total shares till she gets calls by her bankers, short mitsui into the ground, short chevron as far as you can,..

you’ll know as well as i do that you’ll be able to make a killing in the process, both ways.

that will definately get their attention and force them to do something.

its a good thing i dont have stupid amounts of money cos its actually not a bad idea 😛

it started with Hi5,

then Friendster,

then Myspace,

then Facebook,

then ( which is quite alright for music actually since it doesnt take as long as bloody myspace to load 😛 ),

then something that sounds like Where are you now,


next week it’ll be MEMEMEMEME.COM,



as nice as it is to get all these invitations, i refuse to join on principle:

– i dont like the fact that someone can keep tabs on me without me knowing, altho i’m pretty sure they could already if they really wanted to.

– those sites just remind me of the gates that you see sheep getting herded into at sheep herding competitions.

– perhaps i dont want to found 😛

– and even if i wanted to be found, perhaps that other person doesnt want to be found.

– i’d rather not be “googleable”, cos sooner or later everyone’s life will be reduced to search engine results, and i’d rather it happened later for me.

– go on admit it, you’ve googled people you know, and maybe even yourself 😛 might be an exception tho cos that actually serves a purpose beyond “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!!”

so ummmm yeah, those are all the excuses for me not joining your network so dont get offended if i dont show up,…..

especially since the real reason is that i can never remember my password.


17 years old…….

and no one helped her.

iraqi guards stood by.

and everyone else was busy with their fucking mobile phones trying to work the camera.

the full story is here

the video is on the net somewhere, but i watched it on cnn.

i dont want to cheapen her death, but i know that after the inital shock and horror has worn off, you’ll want to find ways to distance yourself from her attackers.

“oh theyre yazidis”

“oh theyre kurds”

and while that may be the case, to me it sounds alot like:

“oh theyre not real muslims”

 with shit like this going on in the middle east, can you blame outsiders for thinking youre all a bunch of nutjob terrorists?

with terrorists killing people in the name of your religion can you blame the world if they dont see you disagreeing quietly in your little corner?

its just not enough to try and distance yourself anymore.

you cant just say well theyre crazy yazidi kurds, not arabs.


cos it doesnt fucking matter.

what matters is they look like you and theyre from your part of the world.

and you cant tell me that your own people dont carry out honour killings.

the same thing would have happened if she was a sunni girl with a yazidi, or a shiite girl with a sunni, etc, etc, ad nauseum cos is about the mentality not the religion or sect.

“but, they arent real muslims” you say.

i know that.

but that excuse simply doesnt cut it anymore.


cos thats the same as the us military saying their abu ghraib soldiers were just a lil stressed and blowing off steam, or israelis saying they bombed that lebanese family to safe guard their motzaballs.

” theyre not real muslims” cheapens the death, just as the examples i gave above cheaps those situations.

the moderate majority has been quiet for 6 years now.

and look at what your quiet disagreement has brought,…..

absofuckinglutely nothing.

so maybe instead of moaning about how youre alllllll misunderstood and stereotyped and typecast, maybe its time to do something about it.

after all its your own people that perverted your image and your beliefs.

but you know what, its not my religion thats been hijacked by crazy beardies bent on world domination dr evil style,…. so why the fuck should i care?

if you cant be bothered to stand up and give those beardies a taste of their own medicine then its your problem not mine.

alot of young people who missed the activism of the 60’s dream of a revival, of a reason to fight. the world in the 1950’s in the west was alot like the middle east now. if the 60’s hadnt have happened god knows what kind of neocons would be in the white house now. ones certainly alot scarier than the neocons there now.


if the liberal amongst you dont do something you’ll be the reason you get ultracocaine-beardies telling you how they think god said you should take a dump.

one grunt is ok when you need to push.

two is fine but keep the volume down.

THREE?!?!?! Nooooooo that makes you sound like youre having sex you fucking pervert!

so when is your summer of 69 going to be?

this summer?


when are you going to stick it to the beardieman?


or are you just gonna forget about doa’s brutal death?

like you forgot about everyone else that was killed in the name of YOUR religion?

[political waltzing, two-stepping and justifications for bullshit actions will not be tolerated cos that doesnt do anything to fix the problem. anyone that says well fix this first before we fix that wawawawawawawawaaaa should go back to kindergarten, or join the PLO since theyre pro’s at it]