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Kuwait, 8th may 2007:

two kuwaitis have been arrested by the hawally police for selling artificial sex organs.

the men were nabbed at an unidentified location in hawally.

a security source said that police acting on information sent a bogus customer to buy an artificial penis and caught the men in possession of 50 different sizes of the artificial organ.

(Arab Times report of an Al-Rai story)

how the hell do you smuggle 50 dildos past the xray dude at the airport? i worry about my bacon raising the xray dudes eyebrows,… but 50 dildos?!

and then theres the decision process of the two that were caught: 

– dude, we gotta make some money man.

– hey what about drugs, we can sell that shit and get high at the same time.

– nah man thats too risky to smuggle into the country.

– ooh i know, dildos!

– of course! i dont know how i didnt think of that man, youre a fuckin genius!

and then theres the informant who told the cops.

– holy crap they selling plastic peepee’s. and they got huuuge ones! you coppers better get over there before our women start thinking 12-inch-cokecan-thick weiners are the average size of mens dicks!

and the cops who actually went to the trouble of setting up a sting to sieze marital aids?

– instead of going after drug dealers to night like we planned to lets bust the dildo dudes. besides, theyre just as dangerous, threatening our family values with abnormally large plastic penis’s! and those footlongs can be used as concealed weapons since they wouldnt trigger the metal detectors, unless they were the vibe kind of course.

– but captain how could a rubber schlong be dangerous?

– ever get hit buy a footlong rubber cock?! i have and it hurts! havent you watched borat?!

– oh and dildo dudes are less likely to carry guns that might actually be fired at us. and we’ll save on the cost of prisoner-beating-rubberhoses cos these dildos would be much better.

you know how you hear stories of cops nickin stuff from the evidence locker for their own use, you know like drugs and cash and guns,…..

some officer’s wife/mistress must have had a pretty exciting night last night!



so virgin got shut down on thursday night.


apparently they were selling stuff that the bearded dudes didnt like, and yeah if they were breaking the rules as it were then fair enough.

what i dont get is how so many bloggers seem shocked.

half of them are ‘ ahhhh nooo how can they do this?!?!?!’

the other half : ‘ youre infringing our rights!!! its 1984 like ol georgie said!!!’


wake the fuck up!

you live in a police state.

kuwait has always been a police state.

if you’re kuwaiti then youre a subject of the royal family, not a citizen.

atleast the english, canadians and japanese can subject themselves to some sort of denial cos their monarchy have no powers over state.

as bloggers you should bloody well know that the country youre from/live in practices censorship. right now the censorship is mostly restricted to books and videos, but blogs will not be forgotten.

just cos you dont publish your picture or your name doesnt mean they cant find you.

ISP’s here will bend over backwards if someone from the ministry wants someones info, so if you or one of your family subscribed to the line then they will get you. if you post from work, they can track you down, if you post via wifi form an internet cafe it’ll take a bit longer, but they will be able to figure out who you are.

atleast in another country, the government would need a court order to get your info from the ISP.

even the newspapers here are not completely free so how anyone is shocked and outraged at virgins closure is shocking in itself.

grow up, you live in kuwait, a nation steeped in family ties, traditional values, powerful islamists in government and beardies who think theyre doing gods work by using a magic marker on cleavage instead of going after peadophiles and those inciting hatred. 

they say that people get the governments they deserve,…..

so who’s fault is it when they stop you from reading and learning what you want?

and who’s fault will it be when they come for you after your next government criticising post?

with the markets doing well and more or less taking care of itself and not much else to do here right now i’ve sorted out my lil bedroom studio the way it should have been to begin with.

apart from some pro quality monitoring speakers im pretty much all set.

my first serious excursion into the production of drum&bass.

so heres the plan:

– produce a bunch of tracks over the next month and half or so.

– drop the tracks off at some of the dj’s and see what they think and what the crowds reaction is too.

– more importantly, i wanna hear it on those big ass speakers in a club >:D

oh and maybe figure out a way to stick the tracks on this page.

otherwise i’ll have to go to myspace,……urghhh godforbid!


the last of my stash of delicious swine has disappeared down my gullet.

sniff sniff.

you was a good lil side of pig while you lasted. 😦

no more pork till the next time i get to pass thru customs with a side of ham down my pants.