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from today’s arabtimes,… in like a lil tiny corner:

DUBAI  (AFP) – A Saudi judge who served as head of an Islamic court has been arrested in the Gulf emirate of Dubai on charges of possessing and using drugs, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Hamad Salim bin Naif, who served as head of a sharia (Islamic law) court in Saudi Arabia, was arrested along with his Moroccan wife after police raided their room in a Dubai hotel on Friday and found four grams of hashish in his possession, the Khaleej Times said.

The suspect confessed that he and his wife take drugs and said he brought the confiscated hashish from Saudi Arabia for their personal use, the English-language newspaper reported, citing a Dubai police source.

Sharia courts in Saudi Arabia impose tough penalties for drug-related charges, and drug trafficking is punishable by death in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a member, also imposes severe penalties for all drug-related offences. Four years in prison is the usual sentence for possession while trafficking carries the death penalty.

The bustling city state of Dubai is a prime leisure destination for residents of more conservative parts of the oil-rich Gulf region.


a) how do you let yourself get caught in that kind of situation if youre a judge, and a one time sharia judge as well,…

b) you’re going to DUBAI, land of hookers, gammbling, AND drugs of any kind,… i hardly think you need to bring your own pot,…. unless of course its cos you’ve heard of the inflation horror stories and assumed that it applied to black market narcotics as well.

i wonder if he also brought his own chinese hookers from saudi and a homemade roulette wheel.

and c) i’ve never been in dubai and stoned, but knowing dubai’s summer time weather, you would have to be stoned to even think of getting stoned in a humid dubai summer.

oy vey,….

the black msi wind on the right.

then i can annoy my neighbor on the plane by looking like this for 7 hours:

while crafting my beats.

which i wouldnt be able to do on the asus.

prep work:

1- weigh superduper desktop cos i think it might be a tad over 10kg. yes i do have a laptop, but it just cant compare to my ultra quiet quadcore.

it just means i’ll pack less clothes,…

so if you happen to see a guy walking down the street in boxers,… do wave and say hello 😀


2- for when i get to customs and immigration,…. figure out how to say in japanese:

” yes i’ve been away for a long time”

“no kuwait isnt near afghanistan and i dont know any mujahideen” ( a little kinda lie, but that was ages ago and he was rather pleasant)

“yes i did go to iraq, several times, for humanitarian aide and business,… no, its not as bad as you see on tv, yes it is sad, yes america is evil”

there is always one person who brings up that last bit, and its just easier to agree sometimes, especially if youre talking to someone who has the authority to stick his fist up your bum.

and if things go wrong,…. following on from that,…

” i would greatly appreciate it if you would use more vaseline, that way you will feel better about yourself when you realise that i wasnt lieing about not smuggling drugs, explosives, or a specimen of an endagered species in my ass”




can you sue customs for wrongfull,… umm,… “explorations”?

as of the middle of august, this blog shall be broadcast ( in as far as text can be broadcast ) from a new far away land.

an odd series of parallel events have resulted in my being deployed to another one of the four corners of the earth,…. to do fierce battle with the evil purveyors of this:

evil yuck

the fight shall be fierce,…

cos that shit’s just gross.

junkies of the above substance rejoice,…. you shall be liberated!

infoconnect 2008,…. much like 07’s, was rather disappointing,…..

until i saw this:



lucky for me they came back around again:


but they didnt stay long,…..

and just as quickly as their little segways could take them, they rode off into the fluorescent light bulbed sunset once again.


butch cassidy and the sundance kid couldnt hold a candle to these two 😛