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Category Archives: vimeo

if you have a decent connection,..

and you appreciate quirky, beautiful, weird, original, sometimes bizarre but always quality independent videos made by some very talented people,…

then Vimeo so kicks youtube’s ass,… and it ass-kicks in hi-def.

a while ago i decided that i wanted to make videos for my music, so thats what i’m going to do.

ghetto videos.

ie short films with the crap i have….

ie my nokia n95 8gb.

add a bit of creative editing and post production and i might just come up with something worth watching.

the point being, to use what i have instead of going out and buying expensive gear. reichhold made some amazing photos on a massive scale, with nothing more than the capabilities of the n95 so why not attempt something similar with film?

pocketfilm? jump on this as well for the BBC’s take on pocket films.

well no i’m going to aim for something a bit more, but i might just fall back on that if what i wind up making really sucks 😛

so i might be away for a while,…

since i had a track,…

then i had a video idea,…

then that idea morphed into another idea,…

that required a different track to fully accompany the video,…

which by the time the track was underway, had evolved into something else completely,…..

my chickens and eggs are starting to look the same 😛