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following on from my last post,….

altho it might have made things look pretty rosy, and they are pretty much rosy,… thats not to say that you wont bump heads from time to time. and bumping heads is especially annoying when its family members heads involved.

fear of the old vs fear of the new.

fear of repeating history vs fear of losing history.

being overly cautious vs wanting to move too fast.

at times you simply have to take things into your own hands and hope for the best.

so here goes nothing…. 😛


since Blue Ice Envy headed back to france a few days ago life has slowly been getting back to normal.

which kinda sucks.

towards the last couple of weeks we basically ate atleast one meal a day together.

there was hardly a minute where i wasnt either pissing my pants laughing or getting frustrated at having to explain a joke 😛 , which she took seriously….. oyyyyy……..

she can be a handfull at times but then what woman isnt? ( yes, Blue “handfull” is a nice way of saying “pain in the ass” 😛 )

still she cracks me up, and now that life has gotten a bit more pedestrian i miss the silly girl’s antics.


is there something about bacon that i’ve missed?

for the past 4 days, my most visited post, and the top search term referring thingy has gone to this 5 line post about me running out of bacon:

bye bye bacon 😦

and we’re not talking 10 or 15 hits,….

today: 48 views of that post

yesterday: 53

the past four days it has consistently been in the 30-40 views/day range!

and this blog just barely gets 75 visitors a day, out of which probably 5 of you are regulars and only another 5 semi regulars.

i’m betting bacon will be the new black for the fall season. McQueen and Lagerfeld will be parading bacon autumn coats matched with prada displaying crispy bacon shoes and armani will come out with “PIG – for men – the scent that drives her hogwild” .

or theres going to be a world wide revolution soon where we discover that pigs have only been using their lazyass mud wallowing images as a cover while they secretly plotted to take over the world.

and since i’m an ardent supporter for the consumption of copious amounts of pork products i must be on their hit list.


oh and happy ramadan to those that are fasting, and happy Wednesday to those of you that arent. aint the weather grand these past couple of days?



the weather doesnt get any better,…

my next track shall be called “dusty nostril hairs”.

if i dont sneeze up a lung before i finish it.